is this how he does it with women


he grabs their shoulders, doesn’t he

  • Girl asking a question: Hi, so I have a question for both Sebastian and Anthony, umm, so as you both may know Chris Evans has this thing where he grabs people's left boobs-
  • Audience: *screaming and laughing*
  • Anthony and interviewer: what
  • Anthony: where on earth did you get that?!
  • Sebastian: *turning to Anthony* yeah he does that when he gets too excited
  • Audience: *laughter and screaming increases*

@geoffjohns Because YOU demanded it (and so did I) the LOIS LANE BOMBSHELL statue!! Coming 2015!!! :) #LoisLaneFTW [x]


I appreciate that his brother has successfully learned how to block the left boob grab.

The Mindy Project | “French Me, You Idiot” Promo (x)