@Academy_NET This one’s for you #SavingHope fans! @ED_DURANCE is looking amazing at the @Telefilm_Canada #BirksTribute #CdnScreen [x]

Erica Durance’s twitter is the worst thing in the world. [x]

Tom Welling & Erica Durance | Behind the Scenes with John Schneider


Mairzee Almas: This is an ad lib, when she says, “Watch me!”

Brian Peterson: Oh, is it?

Mairzee Almas: Yeah, it is, yeah.

Brian Peterson: It’s good!

Mairzee Almas: I did a couple of versions, I did one without it as well. And she’s, “Oh, please, can I just do this, watch me!” Absolutely! It’s fantastic.

— DVD Commentary for Identity (Season 8)

#And this is why Erica Durance is the best Lois Lane ever #because not only is she a great actress #with wonderful comedic timing on top of mad dramatic skills #she UNDERSTANDS Lois #She LOVES Lois #and she worked hard to PROTECT her #She didn’t just play Lois; she was Lois’ guardian #because she didn’t just treat Lois as a coveted iconic role #she treated it as a stewardship #and I love her for it #i love her for it so much


Happy Birthday, Erica Durance (June 21, 1978)